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G.I. Jo

Submitted by: Harjot Jassal

Through the happy times and the sad, the loving each other moments, and the annoying one another moments, George and I know that together we can forever be blissfully in love. We celebrate our love by spending time with each other doing the simplest things life has to offer. Expanding our family, starting new family traditions, and spending time with our friends is a priority that brings us great joy and excitement. We would love to explore our palates and expand our culinary skills by inspiration through watching tons of food network together, dining out, and cooking for each other. We look forward to strengthening ourselves together by being the motivation and support for the one another so that one day we can live out our passion. Traveling the world to explore different cultures is a dream of ours. Courting one another forever is the most challenging experience we hope to provide for each other for the rest of our lives.

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